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The Waboba Pro water ball is this summer’s hottest water game for the beach, pool, lake or pond. Seriously, throwing a tennis ball or a frisbee while standing in water isn’t all that fun. So why not invent something that bounces on water, like a skipping stone that you can catch? And if that is possible, why not invent a game that is fun and challenging but can be played with just the ball, no goals, nothing extra – just the ball? The Waboba Pro water ball has been made with the official game in mind. The Waboba Pro Ball is made of polymere gel and has a elastan is more stable than the Waboba Extreme, making calculating the direction of the bounce easier. The mix of different gels makes the ball bounce and float on water. The Waboba Pro water ball is heavier and larger than the Extreme model…making it more accurate. The Waboba Pro water ball is made to endure some rough handling, but do not bounce it on the ground or on walls etc.

• Fun for athletes!
• Great for accuracy, more control, and one-handed Bobe catches
• Bounces on water.
• Best for lakes & oceans.
• Ages 10+

*Not recommended for children 3 and under, not suitable for any pets or animals

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